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Relapse Prevention in New Port Richey FL 
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Relapse prevention is a vital element of any drug addiction recovery program. A well-planned and relapse prevention strategy can help provide recovering addicts with the tools and support they will need to successfully navigate the journey toward sobriety.

According to statistics produced by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50 percent of people who successfully complete the first stage of recovery ultimately relapse. Consistent participation in a well-designed relapse prevention plan can more than double the chance of a person succeeding in overcoming their addiction. Drug Treatment Centers New Port Richey provides patients with the appropriate relapse prevention education and tools they need to identify triggers and temptations, and effectively cope with them once they complete treatment. Dial (727) 378-0740 now to find out more.

The Complex Dynamic of Relapse

When people think of relapse, they normally view it as a singular event that presents itself as a one-time occurrence; however, it is much more complex, taking place over time. In fact, this process can occur over weeks or even months, happening in progressive stages.

Relapse begins through the subtle occurrence of emotional responses to different issues. During this initial stage of, the individual has not yet begun to consider drug use; however, their emotional state of mind has initiated a process that if unchecked, will ultimately lead to drug use. To a professional that is a part of the aftercare treatment process, the emotional signs will be evident, and they will able to address them before they become a more significant issue, affecting the thought patterns of the individual.

The next stage of relapse is mental. In this stage, the thoughts of the person become corrupted, being more destructive in nature. The person may even have cognitions that romanticize drug use. As the thought process becomes infected with flawed images and concepts, it will lead to negative behavior.

Finally, if the first two stages go unchecked, the ultimate end will be a physical and complete relapse, meaning that the person has returned to where they began their journey to recovery, having blown all of their hard work. Unfortunately, many never get another chance at recovery, so it is immensely important for individuals to utilize their resources in order to enhance their chances of successfully completing the recovery process.

The Components of a Good Relapse Prevention Plan

A good relapse prevention program will be able to easily identify high-risk behavior or signs that the person is reaching out for help. The program will provide the necessary support to ensure that the individual is able to successfully adjust their thoughts and behavior in order to get back on track. There will be a counseling mechanism that will play a vital role in providing the foundation for accountability and personal development. The program will also have a number of different therapy programs that will help the individual manage stress and anxiety.

When engaging the challenge of battling an addiction, it is always best to find a treatment center that has the capacity to present a comprehensive, all-inclusive treatment plan that has all of the necessary elements, including a relapse prevention plan, to help the individual overcome their addiction. Call Drug Treatment Centers New Port Richey at (727) 378-0740 to discuss your options with an addiction specialist today.

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