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Meth addiction in America has reached a level that has become alarming. There are not many addictions that carry the devastating force of a meth addiction. This is a drug that is becoming increasingly popular among drug users, and it is highly addictive, resulting in a meth addiction epidemic that is producing widespread devastation in the areas of cost and health. To exacerbate the matter, the level of dysfunctionality that is associated with a meth addiction is extremely high. There are some drugs that allow users to maintain a high level of functionality during use; however, meth is not one. Call Drug Treatment Centers New Port Richey today at (727) 378-0740 to begin recovery.

What is Meth?

Meth is short for methamphetamine, and there are several forms of the drug in circulation, with the most popular form being crystal meth. Meth is a crystalline substance that people consume using a number of different methods, including snorting, injecting and smoking. There are even some people who consume it by drinking it; however, the most popular method is smoking and injecting due to the fact that these methods are the quickest ways to introduce the drug into a the person’s system.

Meth has a number of immediate effects that make it desirable, including a false sense of happiness, a sense of well-being, confidence, hyperactivity and energy. These immediate effects will generally last for six to eight hours; however, there have been reports of these symptoms lasting for as long as 24 hours.

This drug falls under the classification of a club drug, meaning that it is widely used by the party crowd, which explains the increase in the number of addictions. The fact that it is a club drug conjoined with the inconsistency that has become notorious with this drug has produced a substantial number of overdoses. The volatility in the consistency makes it extremely difficult to gauge the dosage.

The Dangers Associated with Meth Use

Long-term meth use has a long list of negative consequences, both socially and physically. One of the most common negative physical effects of meth use is addiction, which is a chronic condition that leads to multitudinous complications, including chronic use. A meth addiction is characterized by compulsive behavior that is centered on obtaining and using the drug. It is a condition that has the capacity to completely consume an individual, robbing them of the capacity to live life with any purpose or productivity.

As is the case with most drugs, the more that meth is used, the greater the body’s tolerance for the drug, subsequently causing the individual to have to use an increasing dosage in order to experience the same effects. A methamphetamine addiction can literally rob a person of feeling any pleasure other than what is produced by the drug itself.

Some additional symptoms of drug abuse are:

  • Insomnia
  • Confusion
  • Mood disturbances
  • Violent behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

Confronting Meth Addiction

The force of a meth addiction is unrelenting, and it will require the pooling of all resources to effectively overcome this illness. Currently, the numbers concerning recovery from meth are not good. It is suggested that only 12 percent of people who attempt to overcome a meth addiction succeed; however, the chances of successfully beating a meth addiction can literally double by checking into a quality residential treatment center that is equipped to deal with the complexity and challenges associated with meth addiction.

When it comes to confronting a meth addiction; attempting to go it alone will almost guarantee failure. Choosing to utilize a structured approach that incorporates a support system will produce far more efficacious results in the short and long-term quest for independence from a meth addiction. Call Drug Treatment Centers New Port Richey now at (727) 378-0740 to begin the recovery process.

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