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Alcoholism Treatment in New Port Richey
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A comprehensive alcoholism treatment program remains crucial in the recovery from alcohol addiction. Without the guidance and support that is offered through an alcoholism treatment program, quitting this addictive substance can prove quite difficult. At Drug Treatment Centers New Port Richey, our alcohol addiction treatment programs provide patients with the tools, support and guidance they will need on their journey toward sobriety.

Understanding the Complex Nature of Alcoholism

Without a good alcoholism treatment program, it can be an uphill battle for the person who is struggling to overcome their substance dependence. What most Americans view as a choice, is something completely different. Alcoholism is a complex disease that has to be addressed through a comprehensive program that has the capacity to address the underlying issues that led to the addiction. If you are struggling with the negative effects of substance dependence, the professionals at Drug Treatment Centers New Port Richey can help. Call us now at (727) 378-0740.

Addiction to alcohol is not the source of the problem, it is the physical manifestation that reveals the existence of underlying issues. As long as those underlying issues are not effectively addressed, any gains in physically breaking the bonds of the addiction will be short lived.

Alcoholism is defined as the fact or condition of being addicted to the consumption of alcohol. This chemical dependency robs the individual of the capacity to control or manage their relationship with alcohol, subsequently placing them at the mercy of the drug. Like any other controlled substance, when a person begins to consume alcohol, the drug begins to trigger a chemical change in the brain. It is this chemical change that is the foundation for the addiction. At a certain point, this change will become so dominant that the brain will begin to demand the drug in order to sustain its chemical composition. It is at this point that the addiction has taken hold.

The way that the brain demands the drug is through triggering negative physiological occurrences in the body, such as nausea, headaches and body aches. These symptoms are normally referred to as withdrawal pains. The longer the person goes without drinking, the more violent these symptoms will become.

The Difference between Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Despite the fact that alcoholism and alcohol abuse are often used synonymously, they are different. Alcoholism is a condition, while alcohol abuse is a behavior. Alcoholism refers to the chemical dependency to alcohol. It is the designation of a situation in which an individual has lost their ability to control how they use and consume alcohol. Alcohol abuse is the misuse of alcohol, generally associated with overconsumption.

The person who abuses alcohol does not have to be addicted to alcohol in order to do so. In fact, many people who abuse alcohol don’t drink regularly. It is worth noting that alcohol abuse does significantly increase the risk of becoming addicted to alcohol.

Without some type of intervention program that has the capacity to engage the complexity of alcoholism, the chances are that the person will continue to spiral out of control, despite multitudinous efforts to regain control of their lives. A good alcoholism treatment program has the potential to substantially increase the chance of an individual completely recovering from their alcohol addiction. Without the program, the chances of failing in recovery are greater than the chances of succeeding, emphasizing the importance of participating in a good recovery program.

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