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Find the answers you need at Drug Treatment Centers New Port Richey, where recovery takes on a new meaning. Effective substance abuse treatment should address both the emotional pain and other problems that may contribute to the addiction. Treatment programs at drug treatment centers New Port Richey offer a wide range of healing therapies for body and soul. Among the most common programs are:

  • Residential treatment: This involves living at a treatment center such as drug treatment centers New Port Richey while the patient undergoes intensive treatment generally during the day. These could last 30 to 90 days.
  • Outpatient program: This program requires time commitment and they are scheduled around school or work. Individuals joining this program generally meet a few times a week. The major focus of the program is relapse prevention.
  • Individual, group, and family therapy: Counseling can help individuals in recovery identify the root causes of addiction, help build healthier relationships, and coping skills. Patients also learn about relapse prevention and what to do in case it happens.
  • Sober living: This is when recovering addicts live in a facility that encourages a drug-free environment. These facilities are useful especially for those who have nowhere else to go.
  • Intervention: During interventions, friends and family of the addict meet with an interventionist to discuss how addiction has affected everyone and encourage the person struggling with the addiction to seek treatment.

When you look for a substance abuse treatment program you should first consider a few things before joining one of these programs. First, the program should have accreditation and licensing. The program should be run by licensed and accredited professionals. Secondly, you should check for statistics of success and testimonials about the effectiveness of this program. Lastly, you should also find out what type of aftercare programs are offered such as referrals to other recovery services, and support groups where you can receive the continuous support you need when recovering from an addiction. These recovery programs should ease your transitioning into society. Call (727) 378-0740 to find out more about it.

About New Port Richey, FL

New Port Richey is located in Pasco County, Florida. The city enjoys a few museums and libraries such as New port Richey Public Library, and West Pasco Historical Society Museum. There are also several parks in the area including Frances Avenue Park, Sims Park, Grand Boulevard Park, Cotee River Park, and Jasmine Park. Among the top employers in the area are Madison Pointe Rehab & Health, The Harbor Behaviorial Health Care Institute, North Bay Hospital/Morton Plant, and Gulfside Regional Hospice.

Florida has become a popular hub for national and international drug trafficking organizations. South Florida is the favorite area for the smuggling cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. The Caribbean serves as the main transit zone to transport these drugs into the state. Miami international airport is the gateway for heroin and MDMA in the sunshine state. The city is also the primary domestic command for Colombian drug traffickers. Cocaine is often converted into crack or adulterated and distributed in northeast Florida, southern Alabama, the Carolinas, and southern Georgia.

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